Multimedia Performance at the Anchorage Museum

Christel Veraart launched her CD Inner Landscapes at the Anchorage Museum on Saturday, with a multimedia performance combining her unique sound with images and poetry. The event was sponsored by the museum gift shop which carry all of her CDs. Christel’s music is available through her website, as well as through major digital music distributors such as iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby. Thank you to everyone involved in making this event happen!

What the audience said

Christel Veraart’s performance at the Anchorage Museum on Saturday was truly astounding – her voice has an ethereal quality, and her use of images and poetry created a magical atmosphere, bringing her songs to life. Her new CD Inner Landscapes is about her own journey through life’s experiences – from happiness to grief and sorrow. Christel’s gift is to help us discover our own path through these experiences that we all share – and how to grow from them. The concert was a stand-out, which will remain in my memory.

Truly wonderful, Christel Veraart’s music has touched my soul!

Very lovely, moving music!

Absolutely beautiful music, what a beautiful voice!

Great stuff!

I was among those privileged to share the delightful performance of multi-media artist Christel Veraart. Several original compositions were presented through song and poetic expression, with a mastered visual background designed by the artist. From a rousing rendition of Hummingbird to the emotional impact of Elegy for a Cherry Tree, each provided a memorable journey of unique experience. A program of this quality I would deem worthy of an expanded production with dance and orchestra, and expect to see appreciation of this artist to flourish.

So relaxing and soothing!

This music was very truly beautiful!

Wonderful concert!