Marta Gómez

Marta Gómez has developed an extensive music career in the US, which has placed her as one of the most interesting singer-songwriters on the world music scene today.
With more than seventy composed songs, this singer-songwriter not only traverses a whole range of Colombian cumbias and bambucos, Argentine zambas, Cuban sones and Peruvian landos but she also writes the kind of melodies and refrains that translate across whatever language she is singing in.
Marta and her group perform a repertoire of original compositions based on a vast amount of rhythms from Latin America. Her songs mix the joy of the Caribbean with the nostalgia of the Andes while adding jazz and pop elements, taking the authenticity of South American indigenous folk music into a hip new realm.
Her album Entre Cada Palabra placed Marta Gómez as The Best National World-Music Artist of 2006 (Boston Phoenix).  In an interview on the National Public Radio, journalist Steve Inskeep said he admires Marta’s capacity of turning the bitter history of her native country into sweet music. Her latest album El corazón y el sombrero was released in 2011
Marta Gómez also initiated the “Agua Dulce Foundation” which has joined the efforts of several nonprofit organizations in Colombia and other countries of Latin America, donating money and offering benefit concerts. On her website she writes: … It’s a dream becoming reality, little by little, day by day, as life itself. It is the vision to create a better future for Latin American children and through them, their families and communities… more