Polar Moon in São Paulo

Performances of Frágil (Des)Conforto continue, with a special event at São Paulo’s Museum of Image and Sound. Scheduled for September 6th, 2014, the performance features music by  Christel Veraart music, and a selection of her Alaskan images.

Christel Veraart began a long-distance collaboration with Brazilian dancers/choreographers Marina Salgado and Bruna Petito in 2013. This resulted in the creation of Frágil (Des)Conforto, where dancers explore human uncertainties, frailties and opportunities in an immersive audiovisual environment. The work was premiered at  São Paulo’s famous Semanas de Dança in 2014. Since then, there have been performances around Brazil.

São Paulo’s Museum for Image and Sound is a meeting space for  art and culture. The Museum holds a monthly dance program where choreographers develop a site-specific performance within the gallery space.

The September Dance Performances is part of the Hors Pistes Film Festival, which is conducted by Centre Pompidou (Paris) and supported by the French Embassy in Brazil. This festival showcases unique and innovative video works; films that move away from traditional genres to blend fiction with contemporary art, documentary and experimental formats.

Music for Frágil (Des)Conforto was adapted from Polar Suite, a collection of compositions based on Alaskan landscapes – Polar Suite is funded through an award from the Rasmuson Foundation in Alaska.

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