Hearts of Space airs ‘Aurora’

Aurora, from Christel Veraart’s latest album Polar Suite, is featured in this week’s national (USA) broadcast of the radio program, Hearts of Space. Heard on over 200 National Public Radio stations, with an estimate audience of 200,000 listeners per week, Hearts of Space is in the top 20 list of all syndicated programs, including All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Garrison Keillor, etc.

In this week’s episode of Hearts of Space, producers Stephen Hill and Steve Davis set course on the north star, with a wintry journey to the electronic north… on a program called POLARIS.

Hearts of Space on NPR

This week’s Playlist

Winter brings crystalline bells and metallic tones reverberating in chilled electronic soundscapes. In the far north, the long night sky fills with the hypnotic lights of the auroras, while infinite stars sparkle in the frigid air. Warm harmonies and fire in the hearth bring a sense of peace in an uncertain world.

Stephen Hill, Heart of Space

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