RKP Productions Present

The Child Behind the Eyes - Anchorage PerformancesThis month RKP Productions will present 2 plays at Out North Contemporary Art House in Anchorage: Richard Reichman’s The Phone, directed by Robert Pond and Nava Semel’s The Child Behind the Eyes directed by Vivian Melde. Both plays deal with the impact of disability on relationships, and are presented back-to-back. The Phone explores a relationship undermined by the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, The Child Behind the Eyes reveals how a son with Down syndrome becomes the source of love to his family.  Launched at the Victoria Fringe Festival, The Child Behind the Eyes features music by Anchorage-based composer Christel Veraart.

Performance times:

September 16 – 25

Friday and Saturday at 7pm

Sunday at 3pm*

*a discussion follows the Sunday performance

More information:

* The Child Behind the Eyes is supported in part by a grant from the Alaska State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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