Stage Talk on Alaska Public Radio

Director Vivian Melde, playwright Dick Reichman, and actress Bernie Blaine are interviewed by Alaska Public Radio’s Steven Hunt (Stage Talk). They talk about The Phone, and The Child Behind the Eyes, two shows (produced by RKP Productions), that premier tonight at Out North Contemporary Art House in Anchorage, Alaska.

IMG_1308The Phone (a play by Dick Reichman), directed by Bob Pond, explores a relationship between a mother and daughter undermined by the onset of Alzheimer’s. It opens with a soothing flute solo (Orfeo and Eurydice) played by Christine Reichman.

The Child Behind The Eyes (a play by Nava Semel), directed by Vivian Melde, is a monodrama starring Nava Sarracino about a woman dealing with her son who was born with Down’s Syndrome. Christel Veraart composed the music and was responsible for the sound design.

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