Symphonic Virtual Orchestration

Developed by composer Marc Jovani, Symphonic Virtual Orchestration provides a step-by-step action plan to help you compose, arrange, mix, and master your orchestral music. This highly recommended course teaches how to produce professional sounding midi mockups. It is packed with information on specific steps, exact techniques, mix samples, etc, and will help you create orchestral mockups that sound like a pro.

Marc Jovani also teaches orchestration at Berklee School of Music, which is when we met. At the time I was living in Alaska and his online course kept me busy during my first winter up in the far north. While record snow levels piled up around me, I furthered my knowledge in how to apply traditional orchestration techniques to sampled performances. Marc’s enthusiasm and encouragement were infectious throughout this course and I vividly remember the joy I felt when writing Celebration of Spring which was later released on my album Polar Suite and recently re-released on the album Anthology.

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