RIP Nava Semel

It comes as such a shock to hear that prize winning author, playwright, scriptwriter, librettist, poet, journalist
and translator Nava Semel passed away last December after a battle with cancer. It feels like yesterday that director Vivian Melde, actress Nava Sarracino and I corresponded with her while preparing our Alaskan/Canadian production of her famous play The Child Behind the Eyes. I know each one of us cherished her feedback and I am honored she wrote a Hebrew adaptation of my song-lyrics which lead to Shir Eres, the title song I composed for our production. The same title song also exists in Yiddish as Viglid, and English as Lullaby.

We extend our deepest sympathies to her family and friends, and will always remember Nava Semel with kindness.

Multi-talented Nava Semel Succumbs to cancer at age 63 – Israel News – Jerusalem Post

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Listen to Shir Eres, Viglid and Lullaby


  1. Lovely post and grateful to have been part of her life in a small way and her part of mine in a big way. It was a very special time working on the production. She now like that “see through bird” has moved on

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