Sedona Wolf Week

A couple of days ago, I visited Sedona, and was made aware of the town’s upcoming Wolf Week, created with the mission to change the way people see wolves and to generate awareness. Sedona Wolf Week returns annually to this Arizona desert town that attracts spiritual seekers, artists and healers, and where many believe the area is the center of vortices (vortexes) that radiate the earth’s power. A good place to ponder the existence of spirit animals, and if they do exist, I believe the wolf is mine. Through the years, this striking animal formed the inspiration for multiple compositions of mine. When moving to Hawaii, I wrote The children’s song My Wolf and I (see below), and the first composition I completed when moving to Alaska was Wolf Totem.

wolf totem_christel veraartIn the latter composition, native drumming, followed by chanting, voice their request for guidance from the animal spirit of the wolf. Following the ancient Polaris star in the heavens, they sing: Home of ancients, shine your light. Totem speak to me! Never forgetting the proper balance within nature – Light his trail, his ashen guise, expresses the fear and awe this powerful spirit instills.

My song was named after Jiang Rong’s book that depicts the dying culture of the Mongols and the extinction of the animal they believe to be sacred: the fierce and otherworldly Mongolian wolf.

Unlike any other event supporting wolves, Sedona Wolf Week offers a diverse program of speakers, performers, school presentations, arts, entertainment, concert, fundraisers, a wolf co-existence panel and social interactions with the Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack to generate awareness and educate the public about wolves.

Polar Suite by Christel Veraart
Inspiration for Wolf Totem

More Wolf Themed Music by Christel Veraart

Sedona Wolf Week


  1. So lovely reconnecting with you and listening to your soul stirring music again and learning that your totem animal you believe is the wolf. I can definately feel “spirit” in your music

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