Alma Solar

In the silence of the desert, where coyotes come up to your doorstep, and beautiful sunrises wake you up every day, I found my way back to writing music. At my solar powered studio, in a remote area of Baja California, Mexican landscapes set the tone for Alma Solar. Reminiscing about my travels through southern Spain with two visiting Spaniards from Andalusia, awakened flamenco tunes, and provided inspiration for this latest composition.

Certain tunes are tied to certain places and while in Mexico, it was Arturo Marquez’s Danzón No 2, conducted by Alondra de la Parra, that held me captive. Its overall charm, its vibe, but above all, the clarinet, the claves, the piano, were the ones that touched my heart. Often times when listening back to what you write, elements that you least expect make their appearance. In Alma Solar, it was the habanera rhythm that took me on a musical journey to Cuba. Soon to be released.

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