Legong Telek Dance at ARMA Museum – Ubud

It was already dark when I arrived in Ubud and the day before Purnana, or what the Balinese call full moon and magic was already in the air. My friend and I arrived just in time for a that night’s Legong Telek Dance performance, – a blend of contemporary and classical dance that celebrates the rich artistic expression of Balinese dance. Performed at the outdoor theatre of the local ARMA Museum, New Creation introduced me to my first live Balinese dance and gamelan performance. 

In the video below you’ll see excerpts of New Creation’s performance. First shown is the Pendet Dance, a ceremonial dance that serves as an offering to the Gods. That is followed by the Baris Dance, – demonstrating physical strength and the emotional maturity of the warrior. In the excerpt shown of Legon Telek,  Siwa transformed into Kroda Murti Red Kala, who just finished fighting his wife Dewi Uma. My video (being an impromptu recording with batteries that weren’t sufficiently charged) unfortunately lacks the concluding performance of Lord Wisnu, Brahma and Iswara who dance until the world has regained its balance.