Pemuteran Bay Festival – Bali

In an interview with Chris Brown, the first expat to settle in Pemuteran back in 1991 (and known locally as Pak Nyoman), I heard about the upcoming Pemuteran Bay Festival. The festival takes place in this charming sea side village on the North West coast of Bali in December of this year. An avid advocate of giving back to the community, Chris Brown is the owner of local dive shop “Reef Seen Divers Resort”, runs the local nonprofit turtle hatchery “Proyek Penyu”, and is responsible for many other social and marine conservation projects. In his spare time, he is also a musician and collector of vintage guitars, whilst he is an avid promoter of the local music scene.

The upcoming Pemuteran Bay Festival includes a contest. Local schools will hold pre-rounds of competition where contestants are asked to prepare three songs. One song has to be Indonesian, another one Western, and the third one has to be their own composition. Support and guidance will be provided to the schools by Chris, members of the local band Kalimasada, and sound equipment will be provided by the PissProject Studio, from nearby Pangkung Paruk.

All selected bands will perform at the Pemuteran Bay Festival. The top two will compete on the final night to decide the winner. All participating schools will receive prize money, amount depending on the outcome, that will enable them to purchase instruments for their schools.

Chris Brown will accompany the schools to local music stores and help them choose their instruments. Donations are welcomed as they will help Chris achieve his goals of improving the music programs of the local village schools.

When : Early October, 2019

Where: Tanjung Budaya Pemuteran

Donations: Please contact Chris at