Minang House & Harp

Minang House, reflects the exact proportions of a Sumatran clan house. Named after the ethnic indigenous people of the Minangkabau Highlands of West Sumatra it was especially built for the Bambu Indah hotel near Ubud (Bali). Contrary to traditional rainforest timber, it was constructed entirely from black bamboo, and serves as a multi-purpose hall where guests enjoy special dinners, relaxed afternoons, and private yoga lessons.

Minang House at Bambu Indah Hotel (Bali)

Installed in the black bamboo pillars of Minang House you find the Minang Harp. This instrument, designed by Rüdiger Schödel, consists of steel strings on tuning pegs imbedded into large bamboo trunks. The hollow bamboo functions as soundbox and produces a sound similar to that of a harp. Last week I had a go at it. Needless to say, I have a long way to go…!