Liquid Zen & Spacemusic

Moving to the here and now, Liquid Zen ebbs and flows within a new experimental genre called Spacemusic. It will be released on my new album “Lotus Dreams”. This eclectic sub-genre of new-age music is described by Stephen Hill (co-founder of the radio show “Hearts of Space”) as “music that evokes a feeling of contemplative spaciousness”. Less concerned with the formal compositional schemes associated with other styles of music, this style finds its influences within the western classical, world, Celtic, traditional and experimental music.

Highly suitable for meditation and introspection, this genre enables states of relaxation, contemplation, inspiration, and generally peaceful and expansive moods. Spacemusic appears in many film soundtracks and is commonly played in planetariums. In short, if you’re into yoga, meditation, or just like to chill out, this music is for you. Listen to Lotus Dreams