East West Fusion in Bamboo Mist

My latest album “Lotus Dreams” retains the meditative quality of my previous albums, exploring similar themes inspired by nature. I often use a mix of Eastern and Western instruments, but here the feel is distinctly Asian. In Bamboo Mist I explore a fusion of influences, a mix of instruments from around the globe that reflect my state of mind. Chinese erhu, dizi and zither are introduced to the Armenian duduk, Spanish guitar, castanets, and Western strings. 

Is this East-West fusion or something else? Today many people are embracing Eastern philosophy in yoga and meditation. It’s the same with music – east is embracing west and west is embracing east, there are no strict boundaries. For me, its all about dreams. Recently I went to an exhibit by artist Lee Mingwei – very contemporary art with short live performances of Schubert’s songs. Mingwei calls them Sonic Blossoms. The whole experience was incredibly moving – even though the music and the art were centuries apart and from very different cultural perspectives. Some tracks on “Lotus Dreams” were inspired by pure imagination, others by my experiences traveling in Asia. In the end it is about how you feel.” Listen to Lotus Dreams