Mirror of Love

I operate from a quiet place, a place where stories are born and voices are heard in the silence of my thoughts, and share with Ken, a transformative mediator I met years ago in Mexico, the more introspective sides of life. Mirror of Love is one of a series of meditations by Ken Macfarlane, that I set to music. Since its release on SoundCloud two months ago it reached over eleven thousand views.

Now also featured on the Relaxing New Age Music Channel, where you can find videos perfect for healing, and guided meditations for people who like Deepak Chopra, Transcendental meditation, relaxation techniques, and alternative health treatments.

They say no meeting is a coincidence, but when a meeting turns into a relationship as fine as we have it is a blessing. I cried the first time I heard my words being sung by Christel’s beautiful voice. She captures exactly the quality that I feel when I compose the meditation.

– Ken Macfarlane

Ken Macfarlane

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