One Minute Wonders of the World – The New Age Music Planet Corona Concerto

A few weeks ago, Paul Landry, the driving force behind New Age Music Planet, a music community populated by musicians of new age, ambient and instrumental music, came up with the idea for One Minute Wonders of the World. “Just to create a bit of lockdown creativity”, says Landry, “while half the planet is in lockdown”. For the occasion I wrote Om Mani Padme Hum, a blessing based on the famous mantra that represents the path to enlightenment built upon the inextricable union of wisdom and the Buddhist practices of compassion and love.

The idea was simple. Each participating artist was asked to create 1 minute of original music, – the first one opening in the key of C Major but closing in a different key. Subsequent artists picked up where previous ones left off, and their sequence ended in yet another key for the next one to pass on, and so on.

One Minute Wonders of the World – The New Age Music Planet Corona Concerto, presents the contributions of twenty-three musicians, and is posted on the New Age Music Planet Soundcloud and YouTube channels, un-monetized and ad free.

Please support the participating musicians by following their links!

Participating Artists:

Movement 1: Robeone – Website
Movement 2: Kerry Barnes – Website
Mocement 3: Elyssia – Website
Movement 4: Perpetual Motion – Website
Movement 5: William Ogmundson – Website
Movement 6: Gary Schmidt – Website
Movement 7: Lisa Swerdlow – Website
Movement 8: Michael Kent Smith – Website
Movement 9: Eric V. Bikales – Website
Movement 10: Dan Palladino – Website
Movement 11: aka:man – Website
Movement 12: Rada Neal – Website
Movement 13: Anaya Music – Website
Movement 14: Scott Reich – Website
Movement 15: Terry Oldfield – Website
Movement 16: Richard Anthony Bean – Website
Movement 17: Ade Crouch – Website
Movement 18: Valerie Romanoff – Website
Movement 19: Michael Round – Website
Movement 20: LAR – Website – Website
Movement 21: Alien Tribe – Website
Movement 22: Paul Landry – Website
Movement 23: Christel Veraart – Website

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