Relaxing New Age Music Channel Features Music by Christel Veraart

I am honored to have a full hour of my music (and video) featured on the Relaxing New Age Music Channel, one of the largest new age music and relaxing music libraries on YouTube. This channel offers high quality videos and covers a wide variety of musical genres, including guided meditations, ambient and new age music, yoga and relaxation music, among others. My hour-long compilation features a wide variety of musical and cultural influences and reflects the various places in the world where I have lived. The landscapes of Alaska, South East Asia, and the North American southwest provided inspiration for most of the pieces featured here.

Track List :

  1. Sunrise
  2. Lotus Dreams
  3. Liquid Zen
  4. Mirror of Love (words by Ken Macfarlane)
  5. Thinking of Gurdjieff
  6. Aurora
  7. Dreaming
  8. Alyeska
  9. Awaken
  10. Inua
  11. Bamboo Mist
  12. Trance
  13. Dolphin’s Search
  14. Early

Relaxing New Age Music YouTube Channel

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