Review of Christel Veraart’s New Album: Pleiades by Vivek Kumar

If you ever wanted to verify the power of sound in its tonality and vibration, this is where you can feel it–like a scoop of an earth-moving crane, Christel’s vocals carry you and transport to the starry worlds, where mysteries become mystical and unknown becomes the most cherished companion…

…The Pleiades, or the famous ‘seven sisters’ of the constellation, has been a subject of history, science, and folklore. Christel offers seven songs in the album, each named after the individual stars. What I marvel at is the confidence, the audacity, the faith that Christel has shown while conceptualizing music for such an out-of-the-earth subject. It is not an easy task to think about creating such an album, leave aside the act of actually putting it together. Bravo! […]

Vivek Kumar, New Music Alert – Full Review

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Pleiades Interview with Vivek Kumar

A couple of days ago I had the pleasure to sit down and chat, virtually that is, with New Music Alert’s Reviewer Vivek Kumar about my album “Pleiades”, released a couple of weeks ago. We talked about the inspiration behind the album, what conspired in the process and how it was received among listeners.

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