Asterope and the Sacred Number of Creation

Asterope acquired her name from the Greek aster for “star” but little is known about her in legend and literature, as she seems to be literally outshone by her siblings and parents, Atlas and Pleione. Echoing words from New Music Alert’s interview with Vivek Kumar that aired earlier this week, – While thinking about how to shape Pleiades, I became fascinated by the number seven, which Pythagoras considered the most spiritual of all numbers. Following my fascination with this number, I learned about the ancient philosophical concept of the Music of the Spheres, which regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies — the Sun, Moon, and planets — as a form of music. The number seven appears in music, mythology, science, and of course the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. All this led to my celestial musings on these stars.

” … Christel’s total talent brings brand-new perspectives to ambient music… her stunning vocal work will reach down deep inside of you and touch your heart… this is especially pertinent on songs like the beautiful “Asterope“… in addition to her spiritually moving vocals, she also uses duduk, percussion, harp, strings, piano, Dizi flute, tibetan bowls and miscellaneous ambient sound effects to enhance your experience and perception of universal truths available to us all.  If any song should be considered for an award, it is this one …!”

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

Numbers enable us to measure and quantify our world. Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician who became famous in the 6th century, set the tone for the number based cults called the Pythagoreans, one of the earliest cults that attributed mystical properties to specific numbers. Historically, numbers took on a more spiritual dimension, and gave rise to the sacred sciences of numerology and geometry. 

The number seven appears in music, mythology, science and religion in numerous applications. The star cluster of the Pleiades represents the famous seven sisters of the Greek legends, who were transformed into doves by Zeus. In their zoological form as birds, the Pleiades are associated with the creation through sound and harmony. 

Organizing sounds into numeric dimensions, some identify birdsong as the “seventh” dimensional sound. Thus, it is possible to tune into the seventh dimension by studying the intonations of birds. Greek legends describe birds as teachers about navigation, and that they continue to do so until this day. In celebration of the avian navigators and their role guiding sailors to safety, the ancient Greeks released pigeons at the beginning of each sailing season. The stars of the Pleiades heralded this event, and because Zeus turned them into doves, these birds symbolized the Sisters in zoological form. We can make all sorts of connections between the sisters with the celestial, atmospheric, and nautical realms.


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