Merope, the Lost Pleiad

Known as the ‘lost Pleiad’, Merope is the youngest of the famous Seven Sisters. She was the last star to be mapped by astronomers and is the faintest star in the cluster, not visible to the naked eye. In the ancient mythical world of Greece, titan giant Atlas and his wife, the sea nymph Pleione, gave birth to seven beautiful daughters. Taygete, Maia, Asterope, Merope, Celaeno, Alcyone and Electra formed the inspiration for my album Pleiades

“Sonically immersed in a divine feminine aura of sacred mystery, Pleiades is an engrossingly enchanting album best played at night and will unquestionably appeal to many fans of Lisa Gerrard, Áine Minogue and Hildegard von Bingen! […]”

Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes Radio

In her youth, it was especially Merope who was relentlessly chased by the giant and handsome hunter Orion. Some say she is hiding in order to escape Orion’s relentless pursuits. Others say she hides her face in shame because, unlike her other sisters, she married a mortal man…! Whichever story holds true, Merope and her sisters were in dire need of protection and thus they turned to Zeus, god of sky, lightning, and thunder. Regarded as ruler of all gods on Mount Olympus, he then transformed the seven sisters into doves and placed them in the protection of Taurus the Bull, where they can still be found today.

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