Celaeno – The Dark One

Celaeno, the twelve minute track from my album Pleiades is also one of the sisters of the famous starcluster in Greek Mythology. The name Celeano derives from the ancient Greek word Kelaino, meaning “the dark one.” Celaeno was the middle sister of the seven Pleiades sisters. Greek mythology states that she was outshone by her parents Atlas and Pleione, as well as her other sisters. Celaeno had four children with the sea god Poseidon, and two with the Titan Prometheus.

” … Ethereal and immensely soothing and restful the enchanted vocals of Christel Veraart reach out offering solace, relaxation and absolute mindless rest; time away from the stress of the everyday world […]

Janet Mawdesley, Bluewolf Reviews

This woman breaks all barriers and creates something so unique and refreshing that you just have to keep listening. That is the goal of any recording artists so mission accomplished Christel Veraart

Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

Historically, the stars of the Pleiades played a significant role in determining the seasons and commencement of the New Year. Together with the Great Bear constellation (Ursa Major), – they were thought to be the celestial hub in the sky that determines the world’s ages.The ancient Greeks referred to the great cycle of the equinoxes as the Great Year of the Pleiades rather than that of the Great Bear. This suggests that the Pleiades are the more important of the two.

“Celaeno” will take you all 430 light years beyond our Sun… due to the length of the piece (12:11), you will experience some of the darkness first,  but as it progresses, hope for the future emerges through Christel’s magical music of the spheres. […]

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

At midnight in the northern nights skies around the Halloween season, some say that the stars culmination mark the period when the cosmos opens up. Many cultures around the world saw this season as representing the annual destruction and rebirth of the world. The Pleiades star cluster usually figures prominently in this annual cycle described in many myths. There are many legends and traditions connecting the stars of Ursa Major and the Pleiades with various catastrophes that have occurred in the past.

The connection of this star cluster is usually to a cataclysm of some kind, such as a flood. These cataclysms open up the cosmos, setting in motion the cycle of destruction of the world followed by its rebirth.The famous Russian spiritualist, Helena Blavatsky, theorized that the Pleiades are the principal stars.In collaboration with Ursa Major, she thought the Pleiades govern time, which includes the destruction and rebirth of the world’s ages.

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