Visuals for Pleiades

Inspired by all the wonderful myths and legends that accompany the star cluster of the Pleiades, the videos below capture stories about who is the brightest in the sky to what is so sacred about the number seven. They recount legends about how Zeus transformed the sisters into doves, and how the seventh’ sister may still be hiding in shame for marrying a mere mortal. In ancient times, harmony was considered the source of all creation, and Electra, one of the famous sisters, personified a matriarchal guardian to remind us to tend to the sacred fire that burns within us. As it has become my trademark to create visuals for my music, below you can find videos to complement the seven tracks of my new-age/ambient album Pleiades.

Listening to Taygete, the first track Christel Veraart’s new release The Pleiades felt like being inside a cosmic cathedral, but with a few exceptions. The height and breadth of this church is endless. The stained glass windows are made out of stars. And there is room for all the faithful of the universe. The capacity is infinite. The amount of grace from the participation in this phenomenon is immeasurable. In many instances Christel’s angelic, haunting voice blends with a soft harp to call to you and beckon to you to take part in the experience. I am now a believer

RJ Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews

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