Images Mixed Released

Images Mixed is a collaboration of award winning composer Christel Veraart and Chris Jules. They met in Alaska where Christel was about to perform at the Anchorage Museum and needed a hand. Running video, sound and perform are just too much for one person. Rumor had it that Chris, who for many years had been the production manager for the Righteous Brothers, was in town. And so it went. Then, life took Christel around the world and back. Many changes of phone numbers occurred over the years. Finder of lost souls Facebook got them back in touch and Christel learned something new. Chris, like her, was also a musician and composer. He told her about Images, a piece he wrote for piano and wondered whether she might hear some additional voices. She did, and heard so many that she couldn’t sleep at night…! And thus, Images Mixed was born. Mixed and mastered by Peter Ratner. Available on most digital streaming platforms.

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