Review of Christel Veraart’s New Single: Dreaming of Whales by Vivek Kumar

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Musings with a Marine Biologist on Whales

Being married to a marine biologist has opened worlds that weren’t known to me before. Among many other intriguing wonders of the ocean world he introduced me to Velella Velella, or as they are known in layman speak, “by the wind sailors”. These intriguing creatures, so I learned, have a small rigid sail that projects…

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Dreaming of Whales – Elevating Music and Film from Entertainment to Art by Conductor/Lecturer Russell Fox

RUSSELL LAWRENCE FOX, conductor and music director of the internationally broadcast Hollywood Bowl Easter Sunrise Service 1983-2006, was Founder/Director of Performing Arts for International Relief, Conductor of the Bel Canto Symphony and Master Symphony, Los Angeles, as well as Conductor of the Pasadena Youth Symphony Orchestra. Having served as Board President of the Northern League…

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Vivek Kumar, Music Reviewer New Music Alert

Vivek is a music enthusiast from India. He works as a writer and translator. Passionate about good and meaningful music, he loves to explore and learn about new inspirations that make the artists to create new compositions. He writes his views about music on his New Music Alert blog.

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