Dreaming of Whales – Review by Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher Doris Iding

Doris Iding is a yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher based in Munich, Germany. Below she captured her first impressions on my Dreaming of Whales, a sixteen minute long composition inspired by whales that subsequently inspired German director Sebastian Jobst (also Munich based) to create a movie with the same title. Dreaming of Whales will premiere at the upcoming 2021 US Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, Arizona.

Dreaming of Whales is a wonderful journey to both the whales and your own heart. The singing is so touching that it quickly transports me to a place where everything is connected. At this spiritual plane there is nothing one needs to understand anymore, as everything rather dissolves into a deep connection with all beings, –all whales. (Translation)

Dreaming of Whales ist eine wunderschöne Reise zu den Walen und zum eigenen Herzen. Der Gesang ist so berührend, dass er mich sehr schnell auf eine Ebene trägt, auf der alles miteinander verbunden sind. Auf dieser Ebene gibt es nichts mehr zu verstehen, sondern alles löst sich auf ein tiefes verbunden SEIN mit allen Wesen, allen Walen. (Original German)

Doris Iding
Doris Iding

Iding is the author of eighteen books on mindfulness, yoga and spirituality that have been translated in multiple languages. She leads seminars, advanced training courses and trainings on the subject of yoga, meditation and mindfulness worldwide. In her courses, as well as in her written work, her motto is “everything that is, may be!” and she teaches us that mindfulness and meditation are primarily about self-knowledge, and not self-optimization. 

“If we meet with self-compassion, kindness, and patience, life becomes easier and the practice of mindfulness and meditation more fulfilling” so Iding believes. MORE

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