Windhorses featured on Hypnagogue Podcast

Hypnagogue made its debut in 2009. Presenting the best ambient, electronic, and contemporary instrumental music, this podcast guides listeners through 90-minute trips into these musical styles. Each new episode offers an engaging blend of styles and artists, its music ranging from electronic to acoustic, light to dark, accessible to experimental, beat-filled to quietly drifting, and never takes the same route twice. In this week’s episode, among music from Juan Sanchez, Steve Roach, Serena Gabriel, and others (see full playlist below), you can hear Windhorses from my album Lotus Dreams.


Start      Sensitive Chaos, Snow Laughing Matter, Closer to Home
9.28       Vincent Boot, Back To The Orient, Tales from Atlantis
13.19      Deborah Martin & Jill Haley, From Fire Into Water, The Silence of Grace
19.47      Mansur, Pathos, Karma
23.54     Steve Roach & Serena Gabriel, Visions of Delphi, Temple of the Melting Dawn
34.40     Liquid Terrain, Swimming With Tanpuras, Tai Chu
44.57     Juan Sanchez, Blue Nights, Now the Silence
50.43     Timothy Crane, Chelsea Walk, Halo
54.24     Curaluz, Canto de Oxum, Kewere
1.00.40  Christel Veraart, Windhorses, Lotus Dreams
1.04.42  Polly Fae, Lavender Tigers, Earthlight
1.08.21  Elisa Luu, Dicem, 15V, Luu’s Strange Visions
1.13.15  Kristen Roos, Diablo DX7, Universal Synthesizer Interface Vol I
1.23.13  Tsode, Good Vibes, Six

Windhorses, from the album Lotus Dreams

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