Peaceful Radio Special with Christel Veraart

On the last day of my stay in the Netherlands, I had the pleasure to sit down with Benno Veugen, radio host of Peaceful Radio in his studio in Heemstede. Specialized in New Age Music, this radio program is a follow-up to the successful radio program Tep Zeppi, that broadcasted for many years on local radio stations in Zandvoort and Bloemendaal. In this two hour radio special, recorded in my native language Dutch, we speak about past and future projects. We speak about the best album of the year award my album Pleiades won last month, and my latest soundtrack Dreaming of Whales that inspired filmmaker Sebastian Jobst to turn into a short film that premiered at the ILLUMINATE Film Festival in Sedona (US). You’ll hear music from my previous albums Arctic Aquarelles, Lotus Dreams and Polar Suite, and the interview concludes with Caccini’s famous Ave Maria in an arrangement by yours truly. Besides being featured on Peaceful Radio’s website, this interview will also air on Radio Zandvoort on Sunday, August 22, from 22:00-00:00.

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