Currently in post-production — the film Merope – A Journey to Authenticity features one of the 7 tracks of my award winning album Pleiades. The track Merope is featured in this short film by Juan Carlos Zaldivar, and besides my music and story it highlights dance & choreography by Jordan Pelliteri, visual art by Amy […]

Today is a day for romance and love, a day when lovers and friends around the world exchange letters and gifts to honor the patron Saint Valentine. Patron saints are saints who in the Catholic, Anglican and Eastern Orthodox faith are regarded as heavenly advocates of a nation, place, craft, clan, family, or person. Is is […]

Last month I was hired by Google through the Max Steiner Agency to create the music, sound design and effects for their Celebrating Pizza Google Doodle that will launch on December 6. Google Doodles are special, temporary alterations of Google’s homepage logo’s intended to commemorate holidays, events, achievements, and notable historical figures of particular countries. […]

All Souls’ Day, a day of prayer and remembrance for the souls of those who have died, is commemorated on November 2. Intended as a series of invocations for all the souls that left this world, Georg Jacobi wrote the words and Schubert immortalized the music in his Litany for the Feast of All Souls (original: Litanei […]

Once again, Sunrise, one of twelve relaxing solo piano meditations from my album Arctic Aquarelles, will be featured on the popular meditation platform Insight Timer. Carefully selected by their team, Sunrise will feature for the next 24 hours on their app’s Music Featured List. With almost 50,000 spins to date, Sunrise captures the icy landscapes […]

The title track Lotus Dreams, from the album with the same name, echoes the soaring harmonies of one’s imagination where the erhu — a bowed, two-stringed Chinese fiddle — sings its soulful song throughout. This week this track surpassed 250 K spins on the popular streaming platform soundcloud. Alternating between tender, sonorous, and stirring, this […]

Hypnagogue made its debut in 2009. Presenting the best ambient, electronic, and contemporary instrumental music, this podcast guides listeners through 90-minute trips into these musical styles. Each new episode offers an engaging blend of styles and artists, its music ranging from electronic to acoustic, light to dark, accessible to experimental, beat-filled to quietly drifting, and […]