Life coach Karoline Stevens helps ambitious entrepreneurs achieve their greatest potential, offers strategies for breakthrough transformation by removing inner blocks, up-leveling mindset, and building a clear vision for success in areas of wealth, health, relationships & lifestyle. In her interview series “Dreamers and Doers”, she features weekly interviews with women who live their dreams. Last […]

Lotus Dreams reached 100,000 spins today on Soundcloud. This title track, and one of 9 tracks from the album Lotus Dreams was released in Indonesia in 2019 and echoes the soaring harmonies of Christel Veraart’s imagination. The erhu — a bowed, two-stringed Chinese fiddle — sings its soulful song throughout. Alternating between tender, sonorous, and […]

Celebration of Spring, from the album Anthology, is a celebration of longer days, budding trees, and landscapes that are finally turning green. Exuberant, cheerful and sparkling, with all the vibrance and energy of spring. Awarded the 2014 individual artist award by the prestigious Rasmuson Foundation, this track was originally released in 2015 on the album […]

The songs celebrating the Chinese New Year reflect the diversity of cultural traditions in China, which includes a wide variety of instruments and singing styles. One of the most distinctive sounds of Chinese musical instruments is made by the Erhu. I love the enchanting sound of the Erhu, which reminds me of the female voice […]

My latest single, entitled A Thin Place, is according to a New Age, Celtic belief, an invisible membrane that separates the conscious world from that of the spirit, where connections are made and spiritual awakening occurs. Through messages of respect and recognition, it shows us the larger world in which mind and spirit dwell, and […]

Inspired by all the wonderful myths and legends that accompany the star cluster of the Pleiades, the videos below capture stories about who is the brightest in the sky to what is so sacred about the number seven. They recount legends about how Zeus transformed the sisters into doves, and how the seventh’ sister may […]

Celaeno, the twelve minute track from my album Pleiades is also one of the sisters of the famous starcluster in Greek Mythology. The name Celeano derives from the ancient Greek word Kelaino, meaning “the dark one.” Celaeno was the middle sister of the seven Pleiades sisters. Greek mythology states that she was outshone by her […]

Alcyone, released last month as one of the seven tracks of my album Pleiades, is considered one of the top five recordings of 2020 by ZMR (Zone Music Reporter). Alcyone is also the youngest of the seven sisters, and the Pleiades’ brightest star. She shares her reputation with her older sister Maia, who also claims […]