I operate from a quiet place, a place where stories are born and voices are heard in the silence of my thoughts, and share with Ken, a transformative mediator I met years ago in Mexico, the more introspective sides of life. Mirror of Love is one of a series of meditations by Ken Macfarlane, that […]

While visiting Broome I was invited to share my Discover Breathing course with staff and co-workers of Boab Health Services. Discover Breathing, a meditative journey through relaxation and breathing, was developed and tested through years of teaching voice and breathing techniques and I am happy to announce the release of part one to this course. […]

Aurora, from Christel Veraart’s latest album Polar Suite, is featured in this week’s national (USA) broadcast of the radio program, Hearts of Space. Heard on over 200 National Public Radio stations, with an estimate audience of 200,000 listeners per week, Hearts of Space is in the top 20 list of all syndicated programs, including All Things Considered, Morning […]

With Creative Clinics, musician and artist Christel Veraart has developed a place for you to find your voice. A place where moments of joy and loss can become a source of inspiration, to share with others. Creative Clinics inspire self-expression and transform life’s challenges into creative, multi-media projects. Through Creative Clinics you will share a story you […]