Press Release After successful performances in 2016 in Alaska and Canada, and more performances in 2018 in The Netherlands, the monodrama The Child behind the Eyes (Nava Semel), for which I wrote the music, will continue to Nova Scotia. This time, director Vivian Melde and actress Nava Sarracino will present without me being present, as […]

After successful performances of The Child Behind the Eyes in Alaska and Canada in 2016, and in 2018 in The Netherlands, performances are scheduled to continue in 2019. First performance will take place on June 19 at 7 pm at the Church of Love in Anchorage and is a Benefit performance for Hope Studios and […]

In an interview with Chris Brown, the first expat to settle in Pemuteran back in 1991 (and known locally as Pak Nyoman), I heard about the upcoming Pemuteran Bay Festival. The festival takes place in this charming sea side village on the North West coast of Bali in December of this year. An avid advocate […]

Tri Hita Karana is the Balinese Hindu concept that promotes harmony with our spiritual, social, and natural environments. Every year, The BaliSpirit Festival, through the traditions of yoga, dance, healing and world music, attracts thousands of people from around the globe. This year the festival is being held March 24-30. Its goal – to nourish […]

“May I offer you the gift of song?”, Sonic Blossom asked me. I agreed, and was led by her to a special chair among Lee Mingwei’s touching exhibit at Jakarta’s Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara Museum (Macan). A beautiful singer robed in exquisite garb stood a short distance away from me. She sang to […]

Actress Nava Sarracino, director Vivian Melde, and composer Christel Veraart will travel to Amsterdam at the end of November to participate in a series of events, shows and talks on Israeli culture honoring the late Israeli playwright Nava Semel. Noam Semel (former director general of the Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv) will be hosting this […]