Press Release After successful performances in 2016 in Alaska and Canada, and more performances in 2018 in The Netherlands, the monodrama The Child behind the Eyes (Nava Semel), for which I wrote the music, will continue to Nova Scotia. This time, director Vivian Melde and actress Nava Sarracino will present without me being present, as […]

After successful performances of The Child Behind the Eyes in Alaska and Canada in 2016, and in 2018 in The Netherlands, performances are scheduled to continue in 2019. First performance will take place on June 19 at 7 pm at the Church of Love in Anchorage and is a Benefit performance for Hope Studios and […]

It comes as such a shock to hear that prize winning author, playwright, scriptwriter, librettist, poet, journalist and translator Nava Semel passed away last December after a battle with cancer. It feels like yesterday that director Vivian Melde, actress Nava Sarracino and I corresponded with her while preparing our Alaskan/Canadian production of her famous play […]

The Anchorage Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church is hosting an evening of puppets, soup and theater.  A fundraiser that will benefit special needs organization Stone Soup Group but also the production of The Child Behind the Eyes, a play about a child born with Down syndrome that toured Alaska and Canada this summer. The Krambambuli Puppet Theatre will open the evening […]

A sold out opening night and 3 more performances to go. Julia Cossman (local performer and vocal teacher) attended one of our performances and here’s what she had to say: “RKP’s double bill of Dick Reichman’s play The Phone and Nava Semel’s The Child Behind the Eyes balances an evening of two worlds in poignant portrayals […]

Reporter Ron Holmstrom (FOX-4 TV) has his fingers on the pulse of professional live entertainment. Earlier this week, he interviewed Audrey Weltman-Kelly (RKP Productions) and filmed scenes from Dick Reichman’s The Phone and Nava Semel’s The Child Behind the Eyes (original music by Christel Veraart). Both shows play through September 25 at Out North Contemporary Art House in […]

Director Vivian Melde, playwright Dick Reichman, and actress Bernie Blaine are interviewed by Alaska Public Radio’s Steven Hunt (Stage Talk). They talk about The Phone, and The Child Behind the Eyes, two shows (produced by RKP Productions), that premier tonight at Out North Contemporary Art House in Anchorage, Alaska. The Phone (a play by Dick Reichman), directed by Bob Pond, explores a […]

This month RKP Productions will present 2 plays at Out North Contemporary Art House in Anchorage: Richard Reichman’s The Phone, directed by Robert Pond and Nava Semel’s The Child Behind the Eyes directed by Vivian Melde. Both plays deal with the impact of disability on relationships, and are presented back-to-back. The Phone explores a relationship undermined by the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, The […]

“The poignant music was perfect for the play and for this production. It cushioned the performance without overwhelming it, highlighting the script’s essentially optimistic tone.” – Debby Yaffe writes about The Child Behind the Eyes at the Victoria Fringe Festival. Composed specifically for this production, Lullaby  is woven into the sound design for the play and as […]