Moving to the here and now, Liquid Zen ebbs and flows within a new experimental genre called Spacemusic. It will be released on my new album “Lotus Dreams”. This eclectic sub-genre of new-age music is described by Stephen Hill (co-founder of the radio show “Hearts of Space”) as “music that evokes a feeling of contemplative […]

Minang House, reflects the exact proportions of a Sumatran clan house. Named after the ethnic indigenous people of the Minangkabau Highlands of West Sumatra it was especially built for the Bambu Indah hotel near Ubud (Bali). Contrary to traditional rainforest timber, it was constructed entirely from black bamboo, and serves as a multi-purpose hall where […]

Last week I met conductor Randall Fleischer and founder and executive director of Step Afrika, Brian Williams, when they gave a talk at a Anchorage Symphony League luncheon. Nan Tomasko, president of the Anchorage Symphony League had invited me. On a cold and snowy morning she and her husband picked me up and together we […]