Feature length film, work-title Elemental. – An artistic pairing of nature and music with hints of narration and vocals, Elemental will canvas the 5 elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. An immersive and transformative film that aims to inspire lasting transformation and awareness.

Part of Elemental, will be Dreaming of Whales (to represent the element of Water) which premiered at the 2021 ILLUMINATE film festival and was composed by Sedona based composer/singer Christel Veraart. Initially conceived as an immersive, meditative soundscape that turned into a short movie by Sebastian Jobst after he heard Veraart’s inspiring music.

In July 2021 filmmaker Sebastian Jobst and composer/singer Christel Veraart met in his hometown of Munich (Germany) where they spoke at length about Elemental and decided upon continuing a reversal of the common procedure (and compose the music first, as with Dreaming of Whales). To date, roughly thirty minutes of music have been written.

On September 17, 2021, Sebastian Jobst sadly passed away from Covid while on vacation in Serbia and thus this project came to an abrupt halt. In the hope to not having to abandon what started as a project close to our hearts, and also to honor Sebastian’s legacy, it is hoped this project will be completed.