Beauty in Sound, Visuals, Words

A Place of Stillness & Reflection

A Space where Minds can Settle to find their Way Home

For many of us, these unprecedented times have stripped away the illusion that we are in control. Even those who haven’t thought of themselves as spiritual may sense something deeper going on. An awareness that we need comfort and peace and that maybe, just maybe, it may be found in a place we never imagined before. Offering beauty in sound, visuals and words, Invocations offers a place of stillness and reflection. A space where minds can settle to find their way home.

Composer Christel Veraart selected five audio samples of her work to set the tone for this project. She is looking for collaborations with artists of other disciplines to strengthen this message of hope in times of hardship. These five audio samples and the concepts they represent are discussed below. Additional material can still be added.

A Thin Place, according to Celtic belief, is an invisible membrane that separates the conscious world from that of the spirit, where connections are made and spiritual awakening occurs. Through messages of respect and recognition, it shows us the larger world in which mind and spirit dwell, and offer us comfort in times of hardship. 

At a universal level, Ave Maria is a greeting of respect and recognition of spiritual powers that tap into realms of unity, oneness and inter-connectedness, sometimes considered another dimension. There, body and mind reconnect to higher frequencies, where, just like in music, the soul is allowed a meditative rite of passage to enter a higher state of consciousness. 

Iemanjá’s Chant, inpired by the Afro/Brazilian ocean’s spirit Iemanjá, offers themes of foresight, divination and psychic abilities. Her symbol is water. Every drop of saltwater bears her imprint and calls us back to our ancient mothers and homes. As a water elemental, Iemanjá gifts her followers vision, inspiration and the ability to flow smoothly through life’s torrential times.

Kachina Woman (composition in progress) towers above Boynton Canyon, Land of the Seven Main Canyons in Sedona, Arizona. She is a Hopi symbol of transformational energy, but also a beacon for humankind. Appointed by the spirit “Great Mystery” she guards over us while we learn to respect each other and the world we live in, while the Great Mystery spirit re-builds the earth we almost destroyed.

The famous mantra Om Mani Padme Hum plays the role of guardian spirit that soars above our world, extending thus her blessing. Hopefully these ancient invocations, revealed to Hindu sages in the deepest states of their meditation, will open your hearts and bring you peace.

“Work is incredibly evocative & well-suited for film…”

Rasmuson Foundation