Music Portfolio

Award winning Composer, Musician and Singer Christel Veraart was trained in Europe but has a strong connection to Latin America as she spent extensive times living and working there. She speaks six languages, is fluent in Spanish and travels frequently to Mexico. Her award winning compositions, often inspired by landscape and nature based themes, range from Polar to Tropical rainforest and Desert environments. Christel is easy to work with, accustomed to flexible work hours, long distance collaborations and is used to communicating in different languages. 

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Latin Infused

Compositions inspired by both Mexican and other Latin American styles.

Google Doodle

Music and Sound for “Celebrating Pizza”

Nature & Environment

Commissioned by Indonesia’s Friends of the National Parks (FNPF) Foundation in their attempt to protect the endangered Bali Starling.

Argentina Inspired

Latest album, inspired by Argentina, one of the many places the composer lived. To be released soon.

Official Representation

Max Steiner Agency – Gloria Soto