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Listening to Taygete, the first track Christel Veraart’s new release The Pleiades felt like being inside a cosmic cathedral, but with a few exceptions. The height and breadth of this church is endless. The stained glass windows are made out of stars. And there is room for all the faithful of the universe. The capacity is infinite. The amount of grace from the participation in this phenomenon is immeasurable. In many instances Christel’s angelic, haunting voice blends with a soft harp to call to you and beckon to you to take part in the experience. I am now a believer […]

RJ Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews

Pleiades is the result of allowing the soul to reach out, to ‘connect’ to the whispering to be discovered when allowing the mind to traversing the depths of space. Veraart sought out and discovered the magic of Pleiades calling to her and has used her vast background in vocal creativity to sing in ‘tongues’ recognisable to all who choose to listen, telling in a wonderfully rich and bewitching dreamscape the stories of the Seven Sisters.

Janet Mawdesley, Blue Wolf Reviews

Sonically immersed in a divine feminine aura of sacred mystery, Pleiades is an engrossingly enchanting album best played at night and will unquestionably appeal to many fans of Lisa Gerrard, Áine Minogue and Hildegard von Bingen! 

Candice Michelle, Journeyscapes Radio

Veraart is a distinct new voice in the space-ambient scene, bringing an intimate chamber music feel to the genre. Her musical glossolalia will remind some of the secret-language vocalizations of Lisa Gerrard. A more apt comparison—also recommended—would be Jennifer Grais who has recorded with tribal ambient master Byron Metcalf, or Serena Gabriel (collab. w/Steve Roach). Like them, Veraart’s crystalline voice is strong enough to avoid the clichés of wispy-voiced new-age sirens.

Paul Asbury Seaman

We talked to the talented musician and composer Christel Veraart over an email regarding her latest album, Pleiades. How did she get the inspiration to compose the music and what all conspired during the process and how has been the reception among the listeners–we talked about it all.

Interview with Christel Veraart Regarding her Newest Album: Pleiades

“Extraordinarily beautiful on every level, this tribute to 7 stars in the Pleiades cluster, speaks to us in languages that may seem foreign to the ears, but not to the soul…” Read Full Review

Dyan Garris, New Age CD

“Christel musically interprets this famous star cluster known as ‘The Pleiades’, also known as ‘The ‘Seven Sisters’. You’ll experience some evocative choral vocals and melodic Synthonique instrumentation. ‘Lady-Hawke Dorthe’ and I adore this stellar album!” Recommended Tracks: “Asterope”, “Merope”, “Celaeno”, and Electra!” Hawke Rating: 10/10!

Terry James Hawke, Ratings and Reviews HAWKE-FRIENDZ

“Christel’s total talent brings brand-new perspectives to ambient music… her stunning vocal work will reach down deep inside of you and touch your heart… …” Read Full Review

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion

“… this woman breaks all barriers and creates something so unique and refreshing that you just have to keep listening. That is the goal of any recording artists so mission accomplished Christel Veraart…” Read Full Review

Keith Hannaleck, New Age Music Reviews

“ … Pleiades” by Christel Veraart is a phenomenal ambient album! It is highly meditative and there is a lot of variation in sound without breaking the overall design… The need for a break from 24/7 newscasts and social media is perhaps even greater now than ever before. Christel Veraart’s “Pleiades” will take you mind lightyears away in an instant, guaranteed. That is a major accomplishment.” Read Full Review

BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide

“… Christel Veraart pays homage to the cluster of seven stars known as The Pleiades. Also known as “The Seven Sisters,” there is one track named for each sister and the messages that they whisper into the spheres … Soothing and ambient with more than a touch of magic, I can easily see this album hitting the top of the charts in no time!” Read Full Review

Kathy Parsons,

“If you ever wanted to verify the power of sound in its tonality and vibration, this is where you can feel it–like a scoop of an earth-moving crane, Christel’s vocals carry you and transport to the starry worlds, where mysteries become mystical and unknown becomes the most cherished companion…” Read Full Review

VIVEK KUMAR, New Music Alert