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time-stopping embrace of ‘true art’ […]

Not since Claude Debussy… and Britten’s Peter Grimes… has a composer so completely captured the mystery, majesty and inviting magic […]

uniquely gifted artist…  […]

Russell Lawrence Fox, Conductor

In many instances Christel’s angelic, haunting voice blends with a soft harp to call to you and beckon to you to take part in the experience. I am now a believer […]

RJ Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews

A recipient of multiple composing grants and film industry awards, Veraart’s music has always blended the sounds of her Western musical background with whatever surrounding she is in […]

The Jakarta Post – Sounds of Indonesia

What a mesmerizing experience […]

“Christel’s angelic voice takes you on a journey as if you are riding with a goddess […]

Vivek Kumar, New Music Alert

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interactive Doodle from December 6, 2021 that celebrates one of the world’s most popular dishes—pizza!

a world of inspiration

Beauty and challenges of places both real and imagined. To your right is a selection of styles and flavors of her music from some of those countries and regions, which can provide music for a wide variety of film, theater, and dance productions.

Dreaming of whales

Filmed in Tonga, this film by Sebastian Jobst and cinematographer Christoph Heyden was scored by composer/singer Christel Veraart and premiered at the 2021 Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona (USA).


Christel’s 10th solo album was awarded Best Ambient Album 2020 by ZMR. Evocative and visual, this album of celestial musings about the seven sisters of the Pleiades will remind some of the secret-language vocalizations of Lisa Gerrard, and may appeal to fans of Áine Minogue and Hildegard von Bingen.

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