Polar Suite Press Release

Polar Suite is Christel Veraart’s latest CD. The fifteen original compositions of this album are inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Alaskan landscape. Polar Suite takes you places where few people ever go. The arctic wind sweeps you up to soar above craggy peaks embraced by arms of mist. A whisper beckons you from below. Who’s calling, you wonder… You plunge down to uncover the mystery, a glacier’s chill kisses your face. It’s the crescendo of ice cracking. This new album is available as digital download and CD.

Christel Veraart is a composer, musician and singer. She writes music inspired by landscapes, exploring emotional connections with the natural world and how that shapes moods, dreams and interactions. She has recorded a number of albums, and her music has been featured in film and dance productions.

Highly evocative and suitable for both film and dance” is how the Rasmuson Foundation describes Polar Suite. In 2014 Christel received an artist award from them, enabling her to complete Polar Suite.

Polar Suite is at times melodic and soothing, at others percussive and moody – a perfect fabric for dance expression. In the words of choreographers Salgado and Petito, Veraart “captured the intensity” and “found the sound textures needed” to create this impressive dance work of fragile beauty. Pre-released tracks of Polar Suite have already been used in film and dance. The music premiered in a dance production in São Paulo, and has been performed extensively throughout Brazil. While completing Polar Suite, Christel co-produced and wrote the music for the award winning nature documentary The Return of the Salmon –  a Journey to the Heart of Alaska.

Contemplative, intense and peaceful, Christel Veraart’s music could be variously described as, cinematic, classical, and ambient. An experienced concert performer in Europe and the Americas, Christel originally studied classical piano and voice. Now living in Alaska, Christel’s music is inspired by the vast and beautiful landscapes of the north.

Christel Veraart thanks the Rasmuson Foundation for supporting her work.