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Pleiades – More Information

“Christel’s total talent brings brand-new perspectives to ambient music… her stunning vocal work will reach down deep inside of you and touch your heart… in our oh-so-troubled times, her music will help you focus on the positive and rise above the fray. Her new album, “Pleiades”, brings the stars to your soul!”

Dick Metcalf, Contemporary Fusion

“The crystal clear vocals carry you to some special and spatial places, allowing your mind to rest and explore within. What a stabilizing sonic journey Christel offers through her new album ‘Pleiades’!”

VIVEK KUMAR, New Music Alert

“Extraordinarily beautiful on every level, this tribute to 7 stars in the Pleiades cluster, speaks to us in languages that may seem foreign to the ears, but not to the soul.”

Dyan Garris, New Age CD

“ … Pleiades” by Christel Veraart is a phenomenal ambient album! It is highly meditative and there is a lot of variation in sound without breaking the overall design. Veraart is our trusted guide to the stars – so you don’t have to be afraid to get lost. You can choose to read up on both the stars and their mythology, which adds an interesting dimension to your listening experience – or you can let your mind wander to wherever the music takes you.

The need for a break from 24/7 newscasts and social media is perhaps even greater now than ever before. Christel Veraart’s “Pleiades” will take you mind lightyears away in an instant, guaranteed. That is a major accomplishment.”

BT Fasmer, New Age Music Guide

For her 10th album, vocalist / composer / multi-instrumentalist Christel Veraart pays homage to the cluster of seven stars known as The Pleiades. Also known as “The Seven Sisters,” there is one track named for each sister and the messages that they whisper into the spheres. Christel composed the music, sings the lyrics in imaginary languages, and plays a variety of traditional and ethnic instruments to express the beauty and mystery of these stars that have guided and fascinated people all over the world for centuries. Soothing and ambient with more than a touch of magic, I can easily see this album hitting the top of the charts in no time!

Kathy Parsons,