Electra, the final track from my latest album Pleiades, was the Greek word for amber. Formed from fossilized sap that once flowed from ancient trees. It was discovered by the early Greeks that pieces of amber produced an electric charge when rubbed together. The Ancients believed amber was made from honey and imbued with special […]

Known as the ‘lost Pleiad’, Merope is the youngest of the famous Seven Sisters. She was the last star to be mapped by astronomers and is the faintest star in the cluster, not visible to the naked eye. In the ancient mythical world of Greece, titan giant Atlas and his wife, the sea nymph Pleione, gave […]

Since prehistoric times the winter solstice has inspired celebrations and rituals in cultures around the world. Written while living in Alaska, Winter Solstice, from my album Polar Suite, awarded with an artist award from the prestigious Rasmuson Foundation, captures the intensity of winter, when days are cloaked in darkness and we are inclined to reflect […]