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Guido’s In the Zone 2021

The brilliance of this album is the that it’s otherworldly and wholly in the moment. The songs were not written or rehearsed. The lyrics are from a language unknown to anyone on this plane, channeled through the composer as she played. And it was play, in fact, that helped her open to them. In an interview with her as the album was being recorded she said she was having so much fun and could hardly keep up with the songs as they came to her, a mark of being effortlessly in the moment. The purity of that place can be heard throughout each track. So could it even be performed live? Perhaps, after she has heard it herself enough times. But to me; the gift in it is that it was beauty captured in its purest form—as it happened. Like that perfect sunset or shooting star or other celestial spectacle that may be fleeting, yet stays with us forever. 

Gail Helfer, President, Creative Director Authentus Group

Oh my. So beautiful I could cry… With joy and deep emotion.

G. Brad Lewis, Photographer

The longing of Ancients – I was given this as a gift… Listening to this is a transformative experience. Christel has tapped into her new surroundings in Arizona and seemingly formed a relationship with the heavens and all that it can reveal, much like the indigenous peoples who have sung and danced, interpreting the mystical. When you listen to these 7 songs, you may feel the power of an insightful woman, in tune with something we all seek or long to know.

AZ Sunshine, Review on Amazon

The release (your voice) is incredible! … Sounds like you channeled the messages!

Renée Blanche, Radio Host at KCUR Night Tides

I’ve listened to some of your old and new recordings and the teaser snippets of your amazing new album.:-) So beautiful, touching and many things more…

Sebastian Jobst, Film Director, Writer

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