Inner Landscapes

Inner Landscapes - Christel Veraart
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Reflective Soundscapes of Far-Away Lands.

Inner Landscapes

Jazmin’s juices stream in me

Surrounded by white lilies

Timbered treadmills wave at us

While elfins tangle their tales


Airy fairy elfin land

Moony merman took my hand

Seaborne ships on golden ponds

By his lips unsealed


Salty skin of moony merman

Remembers lilies, love and lust

Moulds in magic mirror

Irresistible temptation


Salty skin of moony merman

Lavished lilies, love and lust

Tangled tales to timbered treadmills

Hocus, pocus, pontius, pas

In a garden far-flung

A cherry tree is weeping

For her beloved companion

Has left the earth for good


Her leaves are sighing, her limbs do ache,

The wind can hear her branches moan

Though tears adrift like flower-buds

Cast veils to hush her woes


Where chills of winter still stir the air

And spirits shift to other worlds

Her flower buds on soils so bare,

Spin silks that sway my thoughts


You welcomed every year

Her blossom-laden branches

And when your eyes did lose their light

Your soul then saw her imprint


Adaptable to every season

Like a tree you dealt with life

No point resisting winter

When days are growing short


I imagine my friend in Nangiyala

Among blossom trees aplenty

Where blue-bells roll out there lilac carpets

And birds sing their songs to welcome him


Tending your garden fills your day

Now memories make you smile

For loss has flown away

For good

For months this room stood empty

Wept silence, squealed hollowness

Every grain backed sail

While shivering its timbers


Spread out virginal boards

Yearning to be tread upon

Exposed to the world

Where drafts took all shelters


Voids uninhabited

Lying idle and forsaken

The land of shadows

Has moored inside


An absence, so present

Almost tangible to the world

Entwined with darkness

I have become lost to the world


“Local priest called today

And leaves this card with his blessing”

Shooed away are the specters

And cast out my fears


Today I entered

Being enticed by stillness

Spread out virginal boards, like wings

Yearned to be freed


Nobody lived there

Though anybody could

My fantasy moulded a habitat

Where paradise-birds could sing


Sublime void of emptiness

Where mirrors lack reflections

Where nothing seems impossible

A room that dreams, dreams

Dolphin’s search for yellow bright
That grants him with a window
Of which he until now
Heard only by hearsay

That will offer him an exit out
Of inner regions torn to pieces
Which injure and which wound him
And keep him fleeing so

Through which his glance
Over land through air
May wander peacefully

His soul at rest, his grief at peace
His hand then holds
His daughter’s

Hum, hum, hummingbird

Shake your glowing wings

Save the sunrise in your soul

Beyond the bounds of dusk


Butterflies will light the trail

Petals hush your way

Spiders weave your spirits path

Ablaze by golden rays


Graced with sage and emeralds

Spiders spin your tales

Freedom, vast and infinite

Whispers in my ear

Haunted spirits on the run

For sorrow of sequestered cradles

Feel of lingering masts inside

That lure into the skyline


Afloat a dove will heighten swift

If bound for destination

Scattering pearls by waning moon

Unfold their source of grief


Hush little baby don’t be afraid

Love transcends all of fears

While adrift my raft will moor

Rocking gently, lead ashore


Afloat a dove will heighten swift

If bound for destination

Scattering pearls by waning moon

Unfold their source of grief


Hush little baby don’t be afraid

Love transcends all of fears

While adrift my raft will moor

Rocking gently, lead ashore

Ancestors at tips of fingers

Leaving trails inspired by wind

Palate soft by waves created

Licking patterns at my shore


Vessels woven into seaweed

Complicate my daily life

Rolling waves like opened legs

Bear a child in me


Rest ashore while struck by seizures

Wind blew whilst creating all

Magna carta’s law of universe

Soothing me when I’m asleep


Mahatma’s belly

Wanes and waxes

Ebbs and floods

When she decides


Northern lights

Bound me southward


Sparkling dreams

Amethyst, purple, magenta and rose

Violet, lilac, indigo and mauve


Magenta colored mindset

And rocks like marbled mauve

Smoke trees’ silver branches

Turning indigo and rose


In search of outer reaches

Where inner space has formed

Lilac landscapes of teddy-bear choyas

Violet prickly pears


Purple captured mountains

Amethysts that glow

Sunset weave a web without a weft

Cirios wave their weary wand


Dreaming of …

When deep inside I felt this pain

Unbearable, I feared

My dreams would shift to other worlds

With arms that opened wide


Where space and air and sky and sea

Would hold me while I healed

For tears I sensed streamed deep inside

A million ones, a million ones


In warm, embracing arms

I felt my pain could hide

For closeness seemed so close

But distance still so far


The native tongue, of no use there

For she’d become estranged

I needed prose from other shores

That dared to speak of grief


Through vast horizon’s sweet embrace

My pain resolved, my faith was restored

In crooked tongue, with wavering voice

I spoke the words, inapt before


With wavering tongue, in crooked voice

I found my way around it all

For closeness seems just right here

And distance is no longer far

This ship would like to count you in

On dreaming into space

Through star lined skies and azure seas

With infinite horizons


Submerged in ancient waters

With dreamlike creatures in every shade

Medusas all around you

Like fairy queens in luminous gowns


With yesteryears on neither shore

Your presence all that matters

On yearning ships with wavering sails

Your dreams adrift, your thoughts at peace

Album Review

"Every one of Ms. Veraart's songs are so distinctive, heartfelt, and beautiful. From the meditative yet stormy Iemanjá's Chant, to the jubilant Hummingbird, passing through the jazzy Hocus Pocus and the stirring Elegy for a Cherry Tree, each song holds delightful surprises that truly leave you smiling and listening again. In these songs Ms. Veraart demonstrates her talent as a singer, lyricist and musician, but in her ability to take you on a trip through these strangely familiar inner landscapes she also touches something deeper, and therein lies her artistry."

- SaintPreux