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Inua (Short)

Cinematographer Levi Holiman

Original Music by Christel Veraart



Merope (Short)

Directed by Juan Carlos Zaldivar

Produced by Winifred Muench, Juan Carlos Zaldivar & Christel Veraart

Presented by Sedona Ballet – 2023


The Child Behind the Eyes (Theater)

Written by Nava Semel

Directed by Vivian Melde – Produced by Vivian Melde, Christel Veraart & Nava Sarracino



Dreaming of Whales (Short)

Directed by Sebastian Jobst

Produced by Christel Veraart & Sebastian Jobst – Commissioned by ILLUMINATE Film Festival



Fragil Desconforto (Dance)

Dance by Marina Salgado & Bruna Petito

Directed by Marina Salgado, Bruna Petito, Christel Veraart


The Return of the Salmon (Nature Documentary)

Directed by Tim Plowden

Videography by Tim Plowden – Soundtrack & Narration by Christel Veraart – Produced by Christel Veraart & Tim Plowden


Google Doodle

Art | David Lu, Alyssa Winans
UX Design | Anthony Irwin
Producer | Brenna Fallon
Engineering | David Lu
Marketing | Sierra Menzies, Perla Campos
Doodle Team Leads | Jessica Yu, Nate Swinehart, Tom Tabanao, Brian Kaas
Music/Sound | Christel Veraart



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“The mood and theme of a song are what make it interesting, and Christel Veraart has this unique knack of imbibing the whole atmosphere around that theme while composing her music. It feels like she picks you up and transports right in the middle of that sonic flow–you feel the whole of your being wrapped in it.”

– Vivek Kumar, New Music Alert

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