Dreaming of Whales


German based film director Sebastian Jobst has a unique and poetic visual sense. His films are journeys to the inner core of the human being with a special interest in universal stories that empower and inspire the audience. It was at his invitation that Christel Veraart created a sound healing to follow the screening of his poetic film Ama’ara – the Song of the Whales that tells the story of spiritual singer and healer Marina Trost, who follows her calling to cross oceans and save whales in order to create a new and loving relationship between humans and these majestic beings.

When Christel saw this film for the first time, Marina’s wish to communicate with the whales gave her goosebumps, as the two women share not only being vocalists but also the whales’ call. Inspired by Christel’s music, Sebastian Jobst created a beautiful short movie that features both director Sebastian Jobst’s and composer/singer Christel Veraart’s strengths. It allows for a deepening of the audience’s experience, and, in line with ILLUMINATE’s vision, hopes to inspire lasting transformation and awareness.

Christel’s Inspiration

It feels like whales have been guiding my journey forever. Years ago, when living in Mexico near the Pacific ocean, I woke up every morning to the sights and sounds of their spouts on the horizon, their heaving breaths, their giant presence. When walking on the beach I could almost touch them when they came to shallow gravel shores to rid themselves of their barnacles. It was then I learned that whales in the Pacific migrate to Mexico, to Hawaii, and even Alaska. I joked at the time that maybe I should do the same thing. Careful what you wish for. As it turned out, that is exactly what I ended up doing. And now, for the first time, while living in the desert far away from the sea, I find myself longing for these beautiful creatures, so they called me again. 


Why is it Important to Protect Whales?

We are finally beginning to understand their critical roles in the functioning of marine ecosystems. These charismatic and majestic marine animals inspire and thrill people around the globe, and have much of the modern world advocating for  their protection. Such wondrous beings deserve our efforts to protect them for future generations, as they are considerable assets to the health of the world’s oceans and our connection to nature.


Within Christel Veraart’s all-encompassing musical style time does seem to stand still. The world we know dissolves, and we are removed from our personal history & concerns. In deed, we are changed and somehow more complete. Her latest project “Dreaming of Whales” is just such an immersive and transformative sonic & visual experience. It’s world premiere at the May 2021 Illuminate Film Festival of Sedona should prove to be an unparalleled experiential high point for audiences at this world-renowned destination festival. Full Review

Russell Fox, Conductor/Lecturer

The mood and theme of a song are what make it interesting, and Christel Veraart has this unique knack of imbibing the whole atmosphere around that theme while composing her music. It feels like she picks you up and transports right in the middle of that sonic flow–you feel the whole of your being wrapped in it. Full Review

Vivek Kumar, New Music Alert


World Premiere of Dreaming of Whales – A Healing Journey by Christel Veraart & Sebastian Jobst will be presented at the 2021 Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, following Ama’ara – the Song of the Whales Read More

Illuminate Film Festival

The ILLUMINATE Film Festival is held annually in late May/early June in Sedona, Arizona (USA). The festival showcases narrative features, documentaries and shorts in the mind-body-spirit genre. The five day festival will return May 20-26, 2021.


Please search for Ama’ara – Song of the Whales when purchasing tickets.


Official release of Dreaming of Whales on June 14, 2021