Dreaming of Whales


The immersive score Dreaming of Whales by Christel Veraart, commissioned by ILLUMINATE’s curatorial team, was originally meant as a stand-alone meditative soundscape. However, just three weeks prior to the festival when director Sebastian Jobst first heard and was overwhelmed by Veraart’s Dreaming of Whales score, he immediately set out to create a second film as a visual companion to Veraart’s sonic creation. Presented by ILLUMINATE Film Festival and Sedona Conservatory, the free June 27th composer/conductor conversation and Q&A at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre will include the world premiere presentation of this highly-anticipated collaborative short film, Dreaming of Whales

Christel’s Inspiration

It feels like whales have been guiding my journey forever. Years ago, when living in Mexico near the Pacific ocean, I woke up every morning to the sights and sounds of their spouts on the horizon, their heaving breaths, their giant presence. When walking on the beach I could almost touch them when they came to shallow gravel shores to rid themselves of their barnacles. It was then I learned that whales in the Pacific migrate to Mexico, to Hawaii, and even Alaska. I joked at the time that maybe I should do the same thing. Careful what you wish for. As it turned out, that is exactly what I ended up doing. And now, for the first time, while living in the desert far away from the sea, I find myself longing for these beautiful creatures, so they called me again. 



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World Premiere of Dreaming of Whales – A Healing Journey by Christel Veraart & Sebastian Jobst will be presented at Mary D Fisher Theater in Sedona, on June 27 at 2 PM PST Purchase Free Tickets

Original Soundtrack

Official release of Dreaming of Whales – The Original Soundtrack by Christel Veraart on June 14, 2021 when it will become available on most digital platforms.