Frágil (Des)Conforto 

Christel’s music is featured in the Brazlian/Alaskan dance production that toured in São Paulo and other places in Brazil between 2013-2015. In Frágil (Des)Conforto,  dance duo Marina Salgado and Bruna Petito explore human uncertainties, frailties and opportunities. Veraart’s music is at times melodic and soothing, at others percussive and moody – a perfect fabric for dance expression. In the words of choreographers Salgado and Petito, Veraart  “captured the intensity” and “found the sound textures needed” to create this impressive dance work of fragile beauty. Christel Veraart composes, arranges and performs music for video and stage production.  With modern, classical and Latin influences, her music could be variously described as ambient, modern, electronic or new age. She studied classical piano and voice in Europe and South America, and is an experienced concert performer in Europe, Latin America and the USA. A professional singer and instrumentalist, Christel Veraart is also highly experienced in performance and production of electronic music.

The strong and fluid sounds and imagery of ‘Polar Suite’ invite the impulse of movement to be realized. The rhythms of shifting ice, howling winds and flowing sea stir the dancers response to these powerful and universal forces. Images of beings float on these unique landscapes, adding emotional response and the awareness of its bonding power to unite all things.”

– Artistic director and Co-Founder of Elisa Monte Dance