Instrumental Holiday Music

A World of Christmas

A World of Christmas

Songs from around the world

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season like never before with ‘A World of Christmas,’ a captivating album that unites cultures and languages through the universal joy of music. Immerse yourself in a melodic tapestry woven from Christmas songs around the globe, each sung in its original language, beautifully brought to life through the evocative vocals and intricate arrangements by Christel Veraart.

From the frost-kissed melodies of northern lands to the warm rhythms of distant shores, this album embraces the rich diversity of festive traditions, creating a harmonious celebration that transcends borders and invites you to experience the heartwarming spirit of Christmas in every captivating note.



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“…La acústica de la misión es perfecta, por lo que la voz de Christel se escuchó clara y potente, de una manera maravillosa. A varios de los asistentes les pareció que estaban escuchando la voz de un ángel…”

– El Vigia, Ensenada, Carlos Lazcano

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