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Arctic Aquarelles

Arctic Aquarelles

Piano Meditations

A captivating voyage through the Arctic expanse with Arctic Aquarelles, a mesmerizing album of twelve piano meditations designed to transport listeners on a magical journey. Crafted with delicate artistry, these compositions create a tranquil and reflective atmosphere, drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring Arctic landscape. Each note is a brushstroke painting vivid sonic landscapes, inviting you to unwind and explore the serene beauty of the North. Let the soothing melodies guide you through a realm of relaxation, offering a musical sanctuary that captures the essence of the Arctic’s serene grandeur.





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“… Sometimes I feel as if the ice will crack beneath my feet, and I’m walking on ever thinning ice, but it’s ok as I am in a slight meditation of peace. Once again I am sound struck, but this time by an arctic ‘trill’ on the piano, quite unexpected, but very beautiful. I’m now being gently pulled away from this soundscape, starting to fade, and fade once more, until I am indeed Far Away. Stunning work Christel…”

Kerry Barnes, Music Reviewer

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