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Ave Maria – Caccini


Ave Maria

Experience a transcendent journey through the timeless strains of Caccini’s Ave Maria, elegantly sung and arranged by Christel Veraart. Ave Maria, a universal salutation that reveres spiritual forces and resonates with realms of profound unity and interconnectedness, is akin to a passage to an elevated dimension where body and mind converge with higher frequencies.

Much like the power of music, this rendition invites the soul on a meditative odyssey, guiding it toward heightened states of awareness. With each ethereal note, Christel Veraart weaves a tapestry of memories, carrying the essence of Caccini’s Ave Maria on a global voyage that bridges past and present.

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“…La acústica de la misión es perfecta, por lo que la voz de Christel se escuchó clara y potente, de una manera maravillosa. A varios de los asistentes les pareció que estaban escuchando la voz de un ángel…”

– El Vigia, Ensenada, Carlos Lazcano

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